30-DFC – 10 Count Body Builders – Day 2

Alright everyone!

Hope you are doing good after Day 2 of the 10 Count Body Builder 30 Day Fitness Challenge (30-DFC). 15 repetitions has come and gone. You should already be feeling what this workout will turn into by the end. Stay positive and remember it will be over soon! 🙂 You can do anything for another few reps and for another few minutes. If you get winded, take your time. YOU’RE amazing and are capable of accomplishing much more than you think. The Marines taught me that about myself many moons ago and it is true about each and every one of you! 🙂

If you haven’t started the 30-DFC yet, here is where to begin. You can either start at the beginning and we will see you after you finish day 30 or you can pick up where we are at Day 2. No shame in that game! 🙂

I’ve gotten a question or two about those without weights. You don’t need them but feel free to use a heavier object (big can, basketball, printer, fat cat) and place it far in front of you during the push-up (Have it far enough in front of you that you don’t hit it with your head when you do the push-up). When you stand up, you stand with the object, conduct the shoulder press and place the object back on the ground when you conduct the next repetition. Easy! 🙂 If you have questions of comments, please let me know!

Even if you have no weights and are simply lifting your arms. Don’t worry, you are helping yourself and doing great things. Your body will thank you later! 🙂

I haven’t timed myself yet, but I am taking my time and ensuring I get a deep push-up. I used 20 lbs. dumb-bells again this morning and can tell I will probably have to lower as we progress. We shall see.

Keep up the awesome work everyone! Let the community know how you are doing, what kind of weights you are using, etc.

Tomorrow is Day 3, LET’S DO THIS! 🙂