DD-150 #6 – High Diving Mule Crunches!

Image © photospin.com

Image © photospin.com

Here’s the next workout, DD-150 #6. Let’s Do This! If you want more information about the DD-150 program, go here. Have a great workout! Let me us know in the comments how your DD-150 workout went today and feel free to follow us at any of the sites above.

Today’s exercises


  • Do each exercise 12 times
  • There are 3 rounds – In each round, do each exercise.
    • E.g. Round One = Do 12 High Knees, 12 High Knees, Dive Bombers, Mule Kicks and then Bicycle Crunches. Repeat with Round Two and Three.
  • No set rest periods, but rest if you feel you need to.
  • Finish the workout off with six Burpees for good luck! :)