There’s a New Petition In Town! :(

While this is good for the community as a whole, it is just really a bummer for me. I think this petition journey is probably coming to an end when I was pretty hopeful it was just beginning.

I learned earlier this evening that some well-known members of the low-carb/keto community, Judy Barnes Baker and Dr. Richard Feinman decided to create a new, more eloquently written petition titled “REPLACE THE DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS”.

I can’t fault them for creating a new petition to more accurately reflect what is needed, but I am bothered by the fact that there are now two different petitions about a similar subject circulating at the same time. In an ideal world, both petitions should be successful, but I can foresee my petition being archived in the history of unsuccessful White House petitions while the more established names in the community get the support that is really needed to make the petition a success.

It is frustrating to me that it took me nearly a week of tireless promotion to get the first 100 signatures, and instead of getting behind my effort to stand in a united voice and really help me get the word out, they did not agree with how I articulated the message (my underlying theme is change as well) and felt the need to create a new one. In the span of several hours they already have the same amount of signatures it took me nearly 7 days to get. I am really happy for them, but at the same time rather… well that’s enough for now! 🙂

As I stated to Judy on Facebook, change is the key component I am striving for. I was able to plant a seed that helped the community organize and attack this problem from the bottom-up. I am happy that I, a nobody in the health and nutrition world, took a first step in ACTING on the issue and others are now interested in the cause of standing up and fighting for change.

There are many bloggers, authors, celebs, filmmakers all bitching about this issue and no one is coordinating and trying to organize the people (E.g. The Crowds) and ACT; most are content on bitching or throwing their arms up in the air in defeat without even trying. That is, pardon my French, bull-shit.

I hope the community will stand behind Judy and Dr. Feinman in the petition and I hope it is successful and changes the future of our country. I would really love for both petitions to make their goal. I feel that would really send a message to the Administration that people are fed up with these conflicted bought-off dietary guidelines that are killing people, not making them healthier.

Here is the link to Judy’s site where she has posted some information about the new petition:

Here is the direct link to their new petition:

For those who provided support to my petition and those who plan on continuing to support it for the long haul (as I will), I thank you all for your wonderful support!

I need to extend a very special thank you to Dr. Perlmutter (Grain Brain) and Jimmy Moore (LLVLC, Cholesterol Clarity) for being kind enough to mention my petition on Twitter and Facebook, your good deeds will not be forgotten, thank you!

I bid you all a nice evening and Aloha.