The American Cycle of Health and Diet – The Insanity Cycle

Below is a diagram I put together demonstrating the effect of the current Dietary Guidelines on the average American. Yes, it is simplified, but I use it as a demonstration of how our dietary guidelines influence our entire lives. They affect what we eat, how we gain weight, how we get sick, the “experts” we turn to for advice and ultimately how we pay our medical institutions for the same dietary advice being given by the government – perpetuating the “insanity cycle”.

All of these different industries have something thing in common; they drain us of our money and our taxpayer dollars. They have sustained or increased gross profit as we get sicker, more obese and poorer. We become unable to pay for the food, the expert advice and the medical bills associated with our prescribed way of living. It is so sad. It needs to change. Only we, the people footing the bills, can do this! If this had a cute kitty or a snazzy meme associated with it perhaps it would be more popular or get people to care. The somber fact remains is that you, your friends and loved ones are being screwed and will die younger and before your time if things do not change. You may already have issues or may have relatives that have suffered due to this advice. Only you, waking up, can help us make a difference.

Sign the petitions and help make your voice heard. Spread the word and help the petitions go viral, we can only be successful it others know and help us do this. People need to know about the petitions and understand why the Dietary Guidelines are Broken. Help us stop the InsanityCycle by those that don’t really give two shits about you, your friends and your loved ones.

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Cycle of Diet and Health v2