Introducing DietaryDogma Fitness Daily 150 (DD-150)

I am here to introduce my latest fitness craze, the Dietary Dogma Daily 150. Why the 150? I wanted to work out in the morning but was having a hard time finding the time being a new father and all. I enjoy after work runs/walks but some days feel too hectic with making dinner and all.

I know that I can get in a few minutes, but if I’m only going to spend a few minutes, it needs to count. I also want something body-weight based and have aerobic and anaerobic elements.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 4 Exercises
  • 12 repetitions each exercise
  • 3 Exercise sets (144 reps)
  • No rest
  • Finish with six Burpees for good luck! 🙂

The DD-150 is very flexible and versatile. No equipment is necessary and each exercise should be modified based on your current fitness level (E.g. Don’t hurt yourself!).

The first workout is on its way. For now, I will be posting the workouts to the site, but I will create a web application that can help each person personalize it, select different exercises, track progress, etc.